What Happens if You Don’t Trim Your Trees Regularly

Insights From Your Trusted Tree Service Provider

One of the most enjoyable tasks homeowners do is taking care of their trees. However, even with the best of intentions, sometimes it can be easy to forget to trim your trees. This is because the busy homeowner can often put their trees on the back burner until they need to be trimmed. It’s a good idea to get your trees professionally trimmed at least once every few years. Book a reliable tree service to keep your trees in top shape. Here are the top three risks of not trimming your trees regularly:

Too Much Shade

Your trees are often more prone to pests and diseases when they are in the shade. If left unchecked, they may become too much of a shade to your home, effectively reducing the value of your property. It’s a good idea to have your trees regularly trimmed to ensure that they continue to provide shade, but not shade your house. You’ll also want to trim your trees regularly so that you can remove any weak, dying, or diseased branches.

Overgrown Roots

If you have overgrown roots, you’re bumping into your home’s foundation. Roots can grow long before your tree is ready to fall, which can eventually lead to the foundation or other components of your home becoming too damaged to repair. If you don’t have your trees regularly trimmed, you can end up with an unsightly tree that’s bumping into your home. A professional tree contractor can help you avoid this problem.

Diseased Branches

If you don’t cut off diseased branches regularly, they may end up infecting the rest of your tree. This can quickly spread to the rest of the tree and cause it to wither and die. It’s a good idea to have your trees regularly trimmed to ensure that your tree is healthy and fit to withstand the elements.

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